“My Wild Trek at Nelliampathy Rainforest”

Nelliampathy Rainforest

I went for a wild trek in Nelliyampathy rainforests about 54 kms south of Palakkad City in the south western state of Kerala, India. It is a very popular hill station famous for its tea and coffee plantations and excellent weather conditions. It’s called as the ‘Poor man’s Ooty’. It took me almost one hour and a half to get there from Hotel Indraprasta (an excellent hotel) in Palakkad, where I stayed overnight. On the way we passed the town of ‘Nemmara, and ‘Pothundi Dam’, a small irrigation dam which provides water for the rice fields in the surrounding area. After 23 hair-pin bends and really exciting uphill climb I reached my base at Nelliampathy where I had lunch and a change of vehicles as the terrain was really rough for the next phase of my journey to the top of Maampara peak at 5.249 feet above sea level. A mountain jeep with an experienced driver of the name ´Ravi´ was my companions for the final leg of this extraordinary trip to the top.´Raja´s Cliff at Maampara is absolutely breathtaking, both figuratively and literally.

Nelliampathy Rainforest     520366-Nelliampathy-fotos-0

This amazing place is accessed by a jungle path, un-believably rocky and steep! At times the jeep ride almost felt like going bang up to the zenith. The view from the top was stunning, literally adding colour and space to the word “panoramic”, with the reservoir, rivers and mountain ranges all spread in front of you almost giving it a divine touch. The jeep ride for around 10 kms to the peak from the base at Nelliampathy will cost around Rs 500/- which can accomodate upto 4 people. If you are heading Kerala way there are a number of spots like this to explore with a little insider help which can also be arranged. I sincerely hope these fotos are good enough to wet your appetite !

Happy viewing !!!

Kris Kandath

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